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March 17
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The 16 G fuselage memory 7.85 super thin fuselage by yy1699 The 16 G fuselage memory 7.85 super thin fuselage by yy1699
The 16 G fuselage memory 7.85 super thin fuselage UMI CROSS telecommunication 4 G cellular phones are unveiled


TCL united Chinese telecommunication lord to push four styles of telecommunication 4 G cellular phones, were respectively TCL J929 Lses and TCL recently idol S and TCL J736 Ls and this text related of UMI CROSS.Among them, UMI CROSS beats a lord vogue external appearance design.

   The umi mobile
 network supports more abundant, from exposed currently of information to see, the machine supports a telecommunication CDMA and FDD-LTE network and support allied WCDMA network, support GSM network, suitable telecommunication customer and allied the in general use door commence.

   Install aspect, UMI CROSS
 adoption Gao Tong MSM8930 pair pitses processor, Gao Tong 8930 functions don't lose to the allied hair section four to check and adopt the double of 28 nm craft pit Krait CPU and Adreno 305 GPUs.Place the 1 G movement memory inside UMI CROSS in addition, 16 GB big fuselage saving space, place 1,300,000 pixels to shoot to be like a head before adopting, postpose 800 pixels to shoot to be like a head.

   External appearance, UMI Cross NFC
 owns a 7.9 mm super thin fuselage, narrow frame design, the follow-up will release a red version.

   Be a style of main dozen the telecommunication 4 G cellular phone, TCL S850 shape design and allocations of the vogue are all very essential, however the screen size of the machine isn't big, only adopted all of 4.7 inches 720 Pses to stick to match to hold, pursued greatly a telecommunication customer of holding the cellular phone perhaps be disappointing.The cellular phone screen is big really good?According to investigating recently, 4.7 inch cellular phones are the most popular, spread a new generation apple currently 6 will also adopt 4.7 inches to hold.

yunelight Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student…

This is the original artwork, please do not reupload her artwork without permission and credit.
LobotomyBunny Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
This picture is stolen you need to take it down or deviantart is going to ban you
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